How to know if Stone's Map is of value to you

If one or more of the following apply to you, then I suggest that you spend some significant time on this site,
and invite and encourage others, also. It's a complex site, so thorough exploration will take time; but what of value doesn't take time?  In particular, this site will likely be of value if you:


  • care about and want to understand nature, Earth and the phenomenon of life -- what it is, how it works, how it originated and evolved, why it exists -- and healthy human organizations.  (Ideally, this should apply to every person on Earth.  Promoting that is one goal of this project.)

  • are interested in (or fascinated by) the ongoing revolution and renaissance in science called complexity science which helps us (meaning anyone, not just scientists) deeply understand networks, systems (collections of interacting parts), and complex adaptive systems (most notable examples: cells, organisms and the whole Earth, the latter studied by a new geoscience called geophysiology).   It is -- fortunately, but slowly -- replacing the linear mechanistic view of the last 300 years.  The concepts and principles of complexity are leading to radical, yet awe-inspiring and deeply profound new understandings of nature, Earth and life, and healthy human organizations.  Complexity is widely viewed as a revolution and renaissance in science.  I argue that widespread knowledge -- at least conceptual -- of these concepts is crucially important for the emergence of ecologically-sustainable societies, human organizations, cultures and civilizations, and the long-term survival of our species.   

  • intuitively feel or believe -- even if you can't explain it rationally to satisfy a biologist (yet) -- that Earth is far more than "the environment", and is a living entity (technically, a complex adaptive system without consciousness) worthy of names such as Mother Earth, Anima Mundi, Gaia or Ge, a view congruent with those held by and represented in the myths of our ancient ancestors and primal peoples who live(d) in nature rather than a human-created civilization.

  • are {choose one or more} interested in, concerned about, freaked out by, or experiencing despair because of the planetary-scale, abrupt climate change event that has begun -- and is accelerating -- and humanity's failure, especially the politicos, to fully understand and adequately address it.

  • are concerned about degradation and destruction of once healthy and beautiful wild ecosystems,
    including forests, grasslands, tundras, deserts, lakes, rivers, swamps, marshes, estuaries and ocean(s).


  • enjoy being in Nature -- especially in wild ecosystems that are mostly controlled by nature rather than humans -- for periods of time ranging from hours to months, unplugged from "the Matrix", and experiencing nature with all of your senses.  To aid those experiences, you also wish to become more knowledgeable about and proficient with outdoor living skills and tools -- often called bushcraft -- both ancient and modern, simple and high-tech, and to practice a useful skill called adaptability, which is honed by bushcraft. 

  • are interested in, intrigued by or at least open-minded about the concept of minimalism -- living comfortably with fewer material possessions -- both for refocusing one's path to contentment and happiness while spending less time acquiring and maintaining more stuff, and for improved health of our living Eart.  Note: bushcraft is by definition minimalist, so by practicing it, one experiences minimalism.  This simple graphic may help you understand more about my interest in and advocacy of minimalism.



The goals for Stone's Map (in no particular order of priority)

  • to teach the science(s) of complexity and geophysiology, the science of Earth as a complex adaptive system (which requires complexity to fully understand), to as many adults as possible with any background, from PhD's in science to those with zero formal training in science and mathematics.   As far as we know, there are no programs in these sciences in any school, college, university or online learning site that offer introductory courses to any adult with any background in such a complete, integrated way, let alone at such reasonable prices.  One of our goals is to change that, making them widely available worldwide to anyone regardless of ability to pay.  A major focus will include teacher training for high school and college teachers.

  • to promote the emergence and evolution of new cultural maps, worldviews that serve as a foundation for a society, culture or civilization that guide the actions of its people and increases the probability of long-term sustainability and the survival of future generations.

  • to promote a re-connection of humans with nature, because most people in civilized nations have largely become disconnected, which is leading to an unhealthy relationship with nature resulting in ecological degradation and destruction, including climate change which exacerbates the degradation.

  • to help as many people as possible accurately understand and effectively address the large-scale, abrupt climate crisis that has begun  -- I now view this as an existential planetary crisis -- and will accelerate rapidly in coming decades.  It will bring climatic conditions to Earth similar to climates that occurred tens to hundreds of millions of years ago, that our species has never experienced.  Such conditions will challenge the very existence of not only civilization, but our entire species (and many others).   Understanding and effectively addressing this crisis requires more than political, economic, legal and technological change.  Those are all necessary but not sufficient.  It also requires knowledge of complexity and geophysiology, and new cultural maps.  That is, items 1 - 3 above are also necessary.  See my video essay "Beyond Politics & Economics" for a thorough development of this thesis; it is located on the Complexity 101 page, linked below.

  • to serve as a foundation for an organization to emerge around this project, which will -- sooner than later -- become a company making this set of ideas available worldwide in video and print media.  All members of the company will be students in the educational program outlined herein, and be interested in (and hopefully excited by) what they are learning.  My goal is to promote a phase transition in our views of nature, Earth, life and human organizations similar to the one that I and many of my advanced students during the last 20 years have experienced.  The company will self-organize using the principles explained in Complexity 101 (see link below), just as several of Earth's most successful organizations, corporations and institutions have done.