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March 3, 2018

Like going back to college in the best sense of the phrase.
This is some of the most important information you’ve never heard.

Jim Murphy (deceased), Chair, Starks Agricultural Commission, Starks, ME


Climate 101 will take you places that you did not go in your high school or college science classes.  Even if science is not your thing, please attend this seminar.  You will gain a new way of understanding and appreciate the amazing planet that we live on, in a low – key, low – stress environment.  The seminar leader, Alder Stone Fuller, will encourage you to ask questions and clarify your understanding of the forces at work on our planet, especially those impacting our climate.  I highly recommend this seminar for students, teachers, planners, and citizens of any age or background.

Bonnie Sammons, Science Teacher (retired), Belgrade, ME


Climate 101 ties together an enormous range of seemingly disparate mechanisms and observations on Earth and throughout the Universe into a nearly seamless whole that is easy to understand and which provides the structure for a new, realistic way of looking at the Universe and the Earth and humanity’s part in the whole thing.  The concept of Gaia as proposed and refined over the years by Lovelock, Margulis and others is truly one of the revolutionary ideas that ranks with other revolutionary ideas such as natural selection, relativity, and quantum mechanics.  And Alder does an excellent job at teaching the concepts of Gaia and making them accessible to anyone who takes the time to walk through his well-developed seminar.  It will truly be a transformative experience for most people!

Ed Hummel, Meteorologist, Dexter, ME


I attended Alder’s Climate 101 class in Skowhegan and consider it to have been the single, most important learning I’ve experienced in the last 5 years.  Alder teaches in simple, easy to understand terms grounded in plain scientific concepts that anyone can grasp.  Whether you are 17 or 70, a student, a farmer, a teacher, an auto mechanic, a gardener or a homemaker, what you will learn in this course will change your thinking and how you understand your life for the rest of your days.  If what you do in life is impacted by weather or climate then Climate 101 is an essential beginning to understand who you are and what your place in this rapidly changing world might be.  It was so valuable to me I plan to take Climate 101 again the next time he offers it.

Carmine Leo, Life Coach, Cornville, ME



Alder Stone Fuller is a knowledgeable, gifted, and creative teacher who can convey complex ideas from many disciplines to a diversity of learners. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Alder’s insightful teaching. Not only is he well-grounded in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and complexity theory, but he is an integrator capable of presenting these disciplines in a clear and unified way. A systems thinker, Alder presents facts and ideas from a systems approach, so that they make sense, moreso than as the separate disciplines I have tried to understand in the past. His thorough, thoughtful delivery and encouragement enabled me to make sense of the world through a systems approach.

Cloe Chunn - Swanville, ME -- Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition,

Maine Master Naturalist Instructor, Registered Maine Guide


As an educator, writer, and explorer of the predicament we have gotten ourselves into, Alder Stone Fuller is on the leading edge of what we as a species, and as individuals, must do to keep in existence on this earth.  Alder is a brilliant educator able to explain the condition of the world in terms of system sciences and Gaia Theory.  Alder’s curriculum should be mandatory for every elected official, especially those making decisions on energy matters.

Sandra Bishop, former Eugene Water
& Electric Board Commissioner, Eugene, OR


Alder’s teachings on climate science helped me to understand the interrelations and complexity of our climate system, and the urgency of our situation, something I clearly needed to grasp in order to be successful at my work.

Matt McRae, Climate and Energy Action Coordinator, City of Eugene, OR



As an insurance broker of 25 years, father of four, grandfather of two, I am not one who takes on additional commitments readily.  However, a good friend strongly advised, “Go hear this guy”, and so I went to one of Alder’s lectures.  As I expected from my friend’s recommendation, I was taken by the breadth of scientific information he presented in a clear, comprehensible manner.  What I was not expecting was the respect and concern with which Alder answered questions and shared his experience, enthusiasm, and insights with everyone there.  I felt welcomed, respected and excited to be taking part.  I went on to take three classes taught by Alder.  Each class added greatly to my understanding of the processes of nature, as well as the nature of scientific inquiry.  The classes, shared with other interested students, were really enjoyable highlights of my week.  Without doubt, the perspectives and knowledge I gained have changed my view of the world in a positive and profound way.  And so I would say to you, “Go hear this guy”.

Harvey Ginsburg, Eugene, OR


Alder’s course is a beacon of truth and light in an environment that is so often filled with darkness and lies.  Not providing people with rosy outlooks and easy-to-digest falsities, Alder bases his [introductory climate] course on sound scientific data and years of research and experience.  The organization and set-up of the class is easy to follow and he ensures that everyone has a sound background in systems sciences and Gaia theory before moving on, making it possible to not merely hear the facts, but deeply understand them.  Alder’s course helps people to grasp the reality of a changing world in a way that is informative, educational, interesting and profoundly important.

Daniel Jordan, Student, Bates College, Lewiston, ME


Alder’s abrupt climate change seminar – Climate 101 – is a life-changing experience that I recommend to any science-oriented and concerned Earthling who is willing to face reality and proceed accordingly.  To have the scientific background to data that is heard here and there but never compiled as a full picture.  This is a unique, courageous and vital offering on the part of Alder in the spirit of a love of life and an honoring of reality as we face it today and in our near futures, all of us together.  We need to toughen up.  The Age of Private Indulgent Lives has ended.  We, as Thomas Mann so succinctly stated, must “Face the facts, despair, then proceed with hope”.  This is what lies ahead and the sooner we all have this understanding, the more chance we have to behave with dignity and regard as the human beings we are meant to be.

Sidney Mitchell, Dover-Foxcroft, ME


Teaching about Earth’s future climate in a clear way is extremely challenging.  Alder has a unique background in both math and sciences, plus the drive to understand these topics deeply: these together make him an excellent teacher of system sciences and Gaia theory.  I owe a great deal to him for the effort he put into the courses I participated in.

Steve Frankel, Science Instructor, North International
High School, Eugene, OR


I recently completed the seminar series Climate 101.  It was a very comprehensive and informative seminar about the natural state and critical position of our planet earth.  Alder presented this complex subject, with all its scientific theories and living systems dynamics, in a very understandable format.  Climate 101 has been an eye opener for me.  I would highly recommend this course to every person who cares about our world and the future.  The course raises awareness of the conditions we will be facing with the forthcoming planetary climate changes and offers suggestions for adaptation.

Ken Sparkes, Waterville, ME


I truly enjoyed the class.  I appreciate how very knowledgeable you are about the topic and the science behind the topic of climate change.  Love the science and the systems theory of Gaia.  I was never made to feel dumb or that my questions were stupid … I so appreciate the work you are doing to bring awareness to others about this savagery we’re perpetrating on our wonderful earth.

Nancy Salmon, Assistant Director, Bates College Dance Festival, Lewiston, ME


As others of my fellow participants in Alder Stone Fuller’s seminar, Climate 101, have said, that seminar has divided my life – my perception and experience of my existence – in two: ‘before Alder’ and ‘after Alder’.

Bob McLaughlin, Licensed Counselor, Skowhegan, Maine


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