Described here: video courses and podcasts.  Here are six examples; more to come in 2019: Biology, Ecology, & Adaptability 101, plus descriptions of key advanced courses.  All will have a separate page, video introductions & a forum.   My newest innovation/program is Complexity 110.  

Complexity 101 - starting now!

A 16-hour video course about the principles of Complexity Sciences, the conceptual language core of Ermah Ge's Earth Studies Program

Geophysiology 101

A video course about Ge or Gaia, Earth's metabolism & homeostasis that maintains conditions of temperature & chemistry suitable for life.

Bushcraft 101

An podcast series exploring outdoor living knowledge, skills & tools in wild places in Maine & -- in 2019 -- Scotland.

In production; launchs 12/18.

Earth 101s (short)

A 12-hour video course about all major topics in Earth 101, which is what we call all six introductory courses ("101's")

Climate & Weather 101

 Understanding abrupt climate change & its effects on   weather using complexity.
Co-taught with Ed Hummel.

Complexity 110

Introduction to advanced reading & discussion seminars using selected readings from 12 core advanced texts.