This page will evolve from now through 2019 and beyond.  It will be a constant work in progress -- like much of the rest of the site, but even more so here. 

This is where I will chronicle plans and actual travel in getting to Scotland during 2019 -- I'm aiming at a summer voyage by cargo ship to either Ireland or Scotland, then on to Argyll and beyond. 

For starters, to the right is a map of Scotland from this cite [link to be added].  I have several others that will be posted eventually. 

Find Glasgow in the SW.  That's where I'm likely to start out -- perhaps by ship (since it's Scotland's #1 shipping port, 3rd largest in UK).  From there, it's just a ferry ride across Firth of Clyde to Argyll and beyond. 

Below on this page for now, I'm going to create a library of links about Scotland, including -- at the top -- how to get there by ship, preferably -- MUCH preferably -- a cargo ship (vs "cruise liner" {eeww}.

But you can put money on this: I won't fly in a commercial airplane.  I'd rather take a Viking long ship from Greenland or Newfoundland, even if I have to row.

Getting there by ship

Here are a collection of articles that I'm studying in order to learn how to get there by ship.  It's a very different process from travel by commerical airline.  For the latter, you simply do an online search for schedules using the myriad online services (e.g., Expedia), find the flight you want, and book it online.  You can depart within days or weeks.

With ships, it's a whole different game.  It's hard enough to learn how to make a booking.  I've been researching this for months.  Then, bookings must be made at least 6 months out.  And it's more expensive than airplane.  Plan on a minimum of a week at $80 - $150/day, but of course that includes a private cabin and 3 meals per day, so worth it to me to be on the ocean that long.

It's turning out (so far) that since so many ships go first to Ireland, then elsewhere in Europe, it may be easier for me to get there first, then to Scotland by train and ferry.  I'm fine with that.  I'm part Irish, and want to see it anyway.  And it's likely that my ancestors left from there to come to the US anyway -- and they sailed.  (Which is part of my motivation for returning by boat.)

I own meager belongings relative to most in 21st century US.   Very little furniture (and most of that bricks and boards), no motorized vehicle, etc.  What I will carry to Scotland is mostly my bushcraft gear, books and electronics, plus clothing.  I'd like to be able to get it into a cargo hold or container.  How cool would that be? 

In no particular order:

How to Travel to Ireland by Boat

How to Travel by Cargo Ship.

How to Travel to Ireland by Cargo Ship

Cargo crusing on CMA CGM -- the top contender for now

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