Map of Bushcraft & Adaptability pages

Bushcraft promotes reconnection w/ nature.

These pages will address the outdoor living & survival components of the map -- Bushcraft & Adaptability -- represented here as light blue ovals witha dark blue margin.

Bushcraft -- as it has come to be understood in recent decades during its acceleration into the minds of outdoor adventurers -- is basically the study and practice of outdoor living skills and tools, both ancient and modern.   Their are many experts and authors.

All videos & essays about these topics will be located in this set of pages.   As of November, 2018, this set of pages is empty.

But I'm going to seed these pages with a video by one of my favorite teachers of bushcraft, Ray Mears of UK.  He has studied and practiced bushcraft all of his life, and in recent decades has produced numerous TV programs about his travels around the world to study bushcraft with primal peoples from Siberia to Africa and North America and Austraila.  His nowledge and experience is vast, and his videos engaging and informative.

This is one of my favorites by Mears (whom I hope to meet in UK), the first of a series he produced with BBC, which examines what we know of bushcraft in aboriginal Britain, his homeland.  His words during it make clear that his interest is not merely in living and surviving in wild places, but getting back in touch with nature, or as he describes it, feeling a real kinship with the landscape.  My reasons for studying and teaching it are very similar.

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