From Atoms to Immunity: Biology 101

Construction zone - page in development

This is the home page for the video course named in the title.  It will eventually contain:

  • course description

  • syllabus

  • 3-min trailer -- linked below

  • An introductory overview in two parts; here is part 1

  • A link to the lessons themselves for enrolled students


The trailer uses the same slide show that will be used for a 1-hour long video introduction (available beginning in December, 2019, before winter solstice), but un-narrated, backed by a moving sound instrumental percussion sound track.  (I've always imagined that inside a cell, metabolism "sounds" like a tribal orchestra of mostly drums.)  The goal of the trailer is to offer a substantive taste of the words and images to be explored -- although the full introduction will include narration (of course) and additional images.

Biology 101 will be a multi-hour (estimating 16 - 18 hours plus intro video, which is actually part of the course).  It will be produced starting early 2020, but -- again -- with introduction available in December, 2019.   It will be offered at an introductory, college level for adults of any background, from no previous science to advanced degrees in biology, in an informative, but stress-free, enjoyable fashion with humor. No exams unless requested; optional Q&A by multiple means.

It complements my video courses in other related topics, most notably How Nature Works: Complexity 101.

I have studied biology nearly continuously beginning 1967 in a HS AP biology class, through the PhD in evolutionary ecology (UNM, 1990) and ever since to the present day. I have taught it almost continuously since early grad school (circa '76). This video course is my entry into the realm of online biology education AND linking traditional biological knowledge learned during the age of mechanistic reductionism to radical, but awe-inspiring new views of life from the perspective of complexity sciences.

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