• PhD, Evolutionary Ecology, 1990, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

  • MS, Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics, 1984, University of Memphis

  • MS, Biological Systematics, 1976, University of Memphis

  • BS, Invertebrate Biology, 1973, University of Memphis

Professional Experiences


  • 2011 – present: freelance community educator offering seminars, training & consulting in system sciences, bio sciences, geophysiology, abrupt climate change & adaptability

  • 2001 – 2010: founded & taught at a small, independent school in Eugene, Oregon, focused on complexity sciences, Earth system sciences (geophysiology) & abrupt climate change

  • 1998 – 2000: professional hiatus for travel, study & development as an independent educator

  • 1990 – 1997: full-time teacher of biology & mathematics
                           at Central New Mexico Community College (AKA TVI), Albuquerque

Personal description

After completing my formal education, independent study of complexity sciences during the 1990's changed my views of nature, life, science and education so profoundly that I became disinterested in teaching science and mathematics from a traditional reductionist and mechanistic perspective common in contemporary schools and colleges.  Like many of the great scientists, writers and philosophers of our time, I came to deeply understand that the principles of complexity sciences can –
and must - provide a foundation for the emergence of truly ecologically-sustainable cultures in the face of our formidable 21st century planetary challenges.

Therefore, since 2001, I have been a freelance educator offering seminars, courses and consulting not available anywhere else in the US in such an integrated way.  I teach independently rather than in 'mainstream' educational institutions so that I can offer these ideas in creative ways in a timely fashion.  My students are life-long learners, often studying with me simply for the joy of learning cutting edge new ideas while recognizing their crucial importance for the future of our species.  
I am also a backpacker, mountaineer, and lover of big wilderness and wildness; a student of the relationship between science, art, bushcraft and mythology; a photographer; electronic percussionist, and passionate dancer to electronic dance music.

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