Stone's Story

In these pages are elements of the story of my life, 68 years as of this year. 
I've been lucky to live in many parts of the US -- and next year, the Canadian Maritimes, especially Nova Scotia and New Brunswick -- and to engage in many fun and interesting events, ranging from higher (and self) education; traveling on foot in wild places; hanging out with some of Earth's best musicians and dancing to their music; and engaging the visual arts, including dabbling a bit myself.

Where as most other pages of this site are more professionally-oriented, this set of pages is more personally-oriented, who I am as a person beyond the science, mathematics and other ideas that I teach.   I've included a short bio, also, and this is where I'll develop the evolving story of my relationship to Scotland -- which will have both personal and professional elements.

Table of contents (also accessible via the drop down menu from STONE):

  • MAP: a second introduction to these pages, plus their position on the map.

  • My art, starting around age 8, in crayon, water color, pen and ink.

  • My biography (short) w/ educational background & professional experiences.

  • Essays: I've been a writer since age 12; science, nature, life, Earth & more.

  • Films by others on my favorites list; hint: I'm big on historical fiction.

  • Music touches my soul; for me, rock, "jazz" (broadly defined) & electronica.

  • Photos: a sample of still images that I've captured using cameras.

To start things off, here are a few pics of me through the years, from age 4 to a few years ago.

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