Stone's Map is an evolving project that began in 2017.  It is my attempt to integrate and synthesize several elements of my life into a meaningful, coherent whole that will -- hopefully -- provide useful components for a new set of cultural maps (world views of a culture) to guide us in this century and beyond, because our current cultural maps rooted in mechanistic sciences are, in the words of Dianne Dumanoski in her book The End of the Long Summer: Why We Must Remake Civilization to Survive on a Volatile Earth, obsolete and dangerous.  I explain that description in part 1 of my Complexity 101 video course introduction


Most notably, I am attempting to integrate my educational experiences as a student and teacher in biology and evolutionary ecology, including my doctoral studies in symbiosis, with the courses that I teach in complexity sciences and geophysiology (and other geosciences) with my study and fondness of bushcraft, the name that I give to outdoor living skills -- both modern and primitive -- that I believe will be of value during this century and beyond as our species learns to be more adaptable in the face of large-scale, abrupt climate change. 


Furthermore, to be properly studied outdoors, biology and ecology require bushcraft skills -- to really know an ecosystem, one has to live in it for substantive periods of time -- and bushcraft requires knowledge of biology and ecology.  So their integration is, metaphorically, a symbiosis.  I plan to produce a series of videos teaching what I've learned about bushcraft during my life -- since age 6 or so -- and integrating some complexity, biology and ecology.

Also in the mix is my fascination with maps of all kinds: cartographic, especially topographic maps; maps of cell metabolism; topological maps (a mathematical concept with beautiful consequences seen in the Mandelbrot set); and of course, cultural maps, mentioned earlier.

I am also weaving in some elements of my personal life -- personal and professional for me have always had a tendency to blur together anyway.  And fortunately, those elements are often of value in my professional work, notably photography, videography and percussion.  Here is my bio.

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